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6 oz Raw Clover Honey - FREE SHIPPING
6 oz Raw Clover Honey - FREE SHIPPING
6 oz Raw Clover Honey - FREE SHIPPING

6 oz Raw Clover Honey - FREE SHIPPING


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Our Honey Characteristics:

Unfiltered - Retains some beeswax and pollen - commercial packers typically filter their honey to create a clear visually appealing product. (read about the benefits of honey here)

Unprocessed - Never warmed over 103 degrees. Commercial packers typically cook their honey at 140 - 160 degrees to deter crystallization.

Guaranteed QualityRead about our guarantee here

Packed in a Glass Jar - To preserve quality and taste.  This honey is packaged in a clear glass hexagon jar because glass maintains the taste and freshness of honey better than plastic.

Our classic clover honey is among the best in the United States and is of the finest quality.  We gently warm our honey to make it pour-able but not completely liquid.  So unlike the typical honey you find in the grocery stores our honey is considered raw and meets all the requirements mandated by the State of Utah to be labeled as such.  Our honey will crystallize and typically does so with a smooth creamy consistency.  This is not whipped or creamed honey.  This is just naturally crystallizing pure raw honey.

Clovers are the most popular honey plants in the United States. White clover, clover, and the white and yellow sweet clover plants are the most important for honey production. Depending on location and source, Clover honey varies in color from water-white to extra light amber and has a mild, delicate flavor.  

Because of its prolific contributions to honey production it is among the most widely recognized of the honey varieties.  People typically identify clover honey as the honey commonly found on grocery store shelves.

WARNING: Do Not Feed Honey to Infants Under One Year Old

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